10 Books Like Our Flag Means Death To Read While Waiting For Season 2

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Imagine a pirate ship with secret passageways filled with fancy clothing, a library full of built-in bookshelves, fine china flatware, and a crew that deals with conflict by speaking “like a crew.” Now with the new program. Our flag means deathis a reality!

Enter Stede Bonnett, the self-proclaimed Pirate Knight. Dissatisfied with his rich landowning life back home, he sets sail on his ship The Revenge. On board, he wears smart attire, lounges in his library, and has a people-positive management style that leaves his crew eager for adventure.

Enter Blackbeard, terrifying by name alone. He’s dressed in leather, he’s got a black beard (well, okay, he’s got a gray beard) and he’s bored. So boring. Fascinated by this Pirate Knight’s original take on piracy, the pair team up to learn a thing or two about each other. As they sword fight, story tell, and scare alike, the two find a deeper connection than they bargained for.

The crew around them is equally charming with a non-binary on-screen character, a gay couple, and plenty of shenanigans. With all the comedy you’d expect from a David Jenkins series and the sheer joy of seeing actors Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi in the lead roles, this show is a must see!

Now, if you’ve finished episode ten and are itching for something to fill the void while we wait for confirmation of a second season, here are ten books like Our flag means death collect to help you get over it.

Books like Our flag means death

Cover of the book On a Lee Shore by Elin Gregory

on a lee shore by Elin Gregory

After losing his ship, Captain Christopher “Kit” Penrose takes a job as valet to an elderly British diplomat. But the pirates attack the ship shortly after setting sail, taking him hostage aboard Captain La Griffe’s ship. As he acclimatizes to working with these pirates and leaving the navy behind, Kit struggles to be on the wrong side of the law. However, his new captain intrigues him more than he will admit. As he learns more about the pirate way of life, he also learns more about the captain, and this attraction they seem to have for each other. This is perfect if you liked the discussions of morality and pirate romance in Our flag means death.

In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens Book Cover

In deeper waters by F. T. Lukens

Prince Tal has spent most of his life within the castle walls, hiding. But finally, it’s time for her coming-of-age tour of the kingdom with his brother. On their journey, they come across a ship with a prisoner inside. Tal, attracted to this stranger named Athlen, is disappointed when he jumps overboard and disappears. But when pirates kidnap Tal in a plot to reveal his magical secret, it’s the stranger’s turn to return the favor. This sweet sea-based high fantasy romance is perfect for fans who want similar vibes but in the YA world.

Captain Merric by Rebecca Cohen Book Cover

captain merric by Rebecca Cohen

Captain Daniel Horton works for the Queen’s Navy, putting his duty before his family and his future. However, his crew is not happy with his leadership and the mutinies throw him overboard. Captain Merric arrives, a skilled pirate who secretly longs for a quiet life. Captain Merric pulls the man out of the water and then realizes it was a blast from his past. Daniel and Merric were once in love, but circumstances separated them. Now together again, can they overcome their past and move on, or will what happened keep them apart forever? If you liked the themes of longing for another life in Our flag means deathpick up that!

Aristotle and Danta discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz Book Cover

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Aristotle, who calls himself Ari, cannot swim. His brother is in prison, his view of life riddled with doubt. Dante can swim, loves poetry, and is open to the world in ways Ari can’t understand. They come together and forge a bond that leads them to explore who they want to be. If you liked the sunny/grumpy vibe of Our flag means death or you want to play water metaphors and explorations of identity but in a contemporary YA way, check this out!

Cover of the book The Mermaid, the Witch and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hal

The mermaid, the witch and the sea by Maggie Tokuda-Hall

To get off the streets (and avoid starvation), Flora adopts a new identity, Florida, and joins the crew of a pirate ship. The ship, under the guise of carrying passengers, stages an uprising and takes the passengers prisoner. On one such voyage, Lady Evelyn is on board, headed for an arranged marriage that she desperately wants out of. She is assigned to Floridian to see Evelyn and the pair unexpectedly bond despite their very different circumstances and backgrounds. If you liked the character of Jim, the clash of aristocratic and pirate ways, and the unexpected bonds on the show, this is for you!

Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess Book 1: Captain Raven and the All-Girl Pirate Crew by Jeremy Whitley Cover

Princeless: Raven, the pirate princess by Jeremy Whitley, artist Rosy Higgins and artist Ted Brandt

Raven’s father is the Pirate King and she will inherit his empire. But her brothers locked her in a tower and took her rightful place. She now seeks revenge, and to do so, she needs a team. Enter Sunshine, a cunning thief, Ximena, her navigator, and Jay, hers expert in her explosions. This diverse and incredible group of women take to the sea to prove that piracy is not just a man’s game. If you liked the humor and bravado of OFMD, you’re sure to love it.

Cover of C.B. Lee's Clash of Steel book

Clash of Steel: A Treasure Island Remix by C. B. Lee

Xiang grew up a refugee in a remote village when she discovers a clue to a treasure: a pendant her father left her before he died. She pity that she stole it a girl named Anh. The pair strike a deal and set sail, in search of the long-lost treasure of the great pirate Zheng Yi Sao. This sapphic account of Treasure Island has themes of found family, adventure at sea and love in unexpected places where you probably loved Our flag means death. Give it a try!

Cover of How to Find a Princess by Alyssa Cole

how to find a princess by Alyssa Cole

Makeda doesn’t want to be a princess. She is too busy dealing with the fallout after losing her job and her girlfriend in one day. When Beznaria, a researcher, shows up and tries to convince her to sail to Ibarania to claim her title of heiress there, she hesitates. After a threat against her grandmother arrives, she agrees to join the scheming investigator to come aboard. This nails the grumpy/sunny dynamic, maritime adventures, and queer romance all rolled into one, making it one of the books like Our flag means death you need to read

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton Book Cover

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton

The ladies of the Wisteria Society are tea-drinking Victorian ladies who are also excellent at blackmail, theft, and piracy. Cecilia is trying to convince her elder that she is ready to be one of her members when Ned Lightbourne appears and announces that her employer, Captain Morvath, ordered him to kill her. Ned, however, cannot bring himself to kill her target, and instead the pair team up to prove that she belongs with the Wisteria Society. This whimsical, adventure-filled historical fantasy has OFMD’s zany delight and hijinks too.

Cover of the book Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown

Cinnamon and gunpowder by Eli Brown

When chef Owen “Wedge” Wedgewood is kidnapped by pirates, he doesn’t expect the captain’s request: cook him a gourmet meal every Sunday and he will live. The captain in question? The notoriously fearsome Hannah Mabbot, ruthless in her escapades. On the ship, however, Wedge finds very little to work with. Forced to fend for themselves and follow the adventures of the pirate, their Sunday dinners lead them to talk and understand each other more. Despite fighting him, Wedge is interested in the Captain who captured him. This unlikely middle-aged couple at sea is a must-read for OFMD fans.

I hope that one of these good books like Our flag means death It will help fill the void of the ending while we wait for a second season. For more adventures at sea, also try the best pirate stories YA or these YA Books About Female Pirates.

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