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April 5, 2022, 4:55 a.m.

It’s a BIG WEEK folks! New titles from Emily St. John Mandel, Douglas Stuart, Jennifer Egan, Ocean Vuong, Samantha Hunt and more are hitting shelves today. Prepare your minds, hearts and wallets.


Emily St. John Mandel, Sea of ​​Tranquility

Emily San Juan Mandel, sea ​​of ​​tranquility

“On sea ​​of ​​tranquility, Mandel offers one of his best novels and one of his most satisfying forays into the field of speculative fiction to date, but it is his ability to convincingly inhabit the ordinary and his ability to project a sustained appreciation of beauty that sets Mandel apart. novel. ”
–New York Times Book Review

Douglas Stuart, Young Mungo

Douglas Stuart, young mung
(Grove Press)

young mung, like its predecessor, is a beautiful and nuanced novel that breaks hearts. Reading it is like looking into another broken family’s apartment whose Glasgow home could be down the street from Shuggie Bain’s.”

Jennifer Egan, Candy House

Jennifer Egan, the house of sweets

“Egan has a gift for combining the outrageous and the plausible without expelling us from the narrative… All of this is tied together; almost everyone is connected in some way. It’s too much, except she’s not… She knows where she’s going and what polyphonic effects she wants to achieve, and she achieves them.”
-The New York Times

vuong Ocean, time is a mother
(Penguin Press)

“Vuong’s powerful follow-up to Night sky with exit wounds does more than demonstrate poetic growth: it deepens and broadens a global project with 27 new poems that take loss and impermanence into account.”
–Weekly Editors

Samantha Hunt, The Unwritten Book

samantha Hunting, the unwritten book

“Hunt plumbs the depths of human experience in this set of musings on the sweet mystery of life… A vulnerable, wide-ranging, and at times deeply moving mosaic of ruminations on the unknown.”

Jenny Tinghui Zhang, Four Treasures of Heaven

Jenny Bear Zhang, Four Treasures of Heaven

“The resonance and immediacy of these barbaric 19th-century events are testament to Zhang’s narrative powers and should be a warning to all of us.”
–New York Times Book Review

Chelsea Bieker, Heartbroke: Stories

chelsea bieker, disconsolate

“Bieker shows a flair for the short form in his first searing collection. Each story draws readers in, motivating them to love Bieker’s crunchy characters before ending just in time to satisfy them.”
-List of books

Sara Novic, real deal

Sara Novic, real deal
(random house)

“Tender, beautiful and radiantly outraged… real deal It’s moving, fast-paced and energetic, we get vivid access to all of the main characters’ points of view, but also deftly educational.”
–New York Times Book Review

The house of the dolphins_Audrey Schulman

audrey schulman, the house of the dolphins

“Both the woman and the dolphins come to life in this riveting and beautifully realized novel.”

riverman_ben mcgrath

ben mcgrath, river man

“The captivating story of an inveterate river drifter who left a mark on many he met along his travels before suddenly disappearing… A hymn to eccentricity and resilience and a study of a life that changed the chronicler’s own perceptions .”

Amina Ahmad, The return of Faraz Ali
(river head)

“…quietly stunning…stunning not only for the writer’s talent, of which there is clearly plenty, but also for his humanity, for how a book so unflinching in its depiction of class and institutional injustice can still feel so tender.”
–New York Times Book Review

the little foxes took matches

Katya Kazbeck, The little foxes took matches
(tin house)

“A rich and moving look at a boy in the throes of self-discovery. As dark as a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, and as magical.”

the generation trayvon_elizabeth alexander

Elizabeth Alexander, The Trayvon Generation
(big center)

“[A] deep, lyrical meditation on race, class, justice, and their intersections with art… While this magnificent book is something else, it is a commitment to that crucial and generous life’s work.”
–New York Times Book Review

lauren rankin_bodies on the line

Lauren Rankin, bodies in line

bodies in line tells the stories of communities that came together with the opposite goal in mind: to offer comfort and protection to patients.”
–New York Times Book Review


Richard Overy, blood and ruins

blood and ruins it is a monumental work; it’s hard to imagine that a more comprehensive study of World War II could be contained between two covers. Richard Overy has given us a powerful reminder of the horror of war and the threat posed by dictators with dreams of empire.”
-The Wall Street Journal

Jeff Deutsch, In Praise of Good Bookstores

jeff german, In Praise of Good Bookstores
(Princeton University Press)

“Deutsch, director of Seminary Co-op Bookstores in Chicago, reflects on the importance of book sales in his poignant debut… A resounding elegy to a changing business, this will hit the spot for lovers of literature.”
–Weekly Editors

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