25 Best Books for Every Kind of Mom

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The idea of ​​a “mom book” is a bit tricky, since all of our moms have different tastes and interests. However, books are always an appreciated gift if you do them right, and that’s just a matter of considering your mom’s specific reading habits. With that in mind, we’ve created recommendations for all kinds of moms, whether you like fiction, memoirs, essays, or oral histories of the real housewives franchise. Our 25-book list includes Strategist staff favorites and expert-recommended picks, spanning both new releases and classics. While some of these readings are fresh from print, they should all be shipped in time for Mother’s Day.

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If you’ve read all the Neapolitan novels, you’ll love Tove Ditlevsen’s memoir, collected here in a single volume spanning the Danish writer’s working-class childhood in Copenhagen to her troubled first marriage.

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To keep her busy a little longer, a little life author and T Editor-in-Chief Hanya Yanagihara’s latest book spans 703 pages and three different centuries.

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A finalist for the 2022 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction, Venita Blackburn’s second collection of short stories is grouped around the notion of childhood and growing up.

This oral history of real housewives contains deliciously unfiltered interviews with all your favorites from the franchise.

Bolu Babalola’s decolonized retelling of love stories and myths from around the world is a bestseller for a reason: we’re all romantics at heart.

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station eleven Author Emily St. John Mandel takes speculative fiction to new heights in her latest book, which takes place both on Earth in the early 20th century and on a lunar colony established 500 years later.

A bright and cheery artist-inspired dining guide that throws out the rule books written by Martha Stewart et al.

Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian or experimenting with Meatless Mondays, you’ll find it easy and fun to work your way through these simple yet tasty Asian-inspired recipes for noodles, meatballs, and more.

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Strategist writer Lauren Ro recommends this book by gardener David Culp, which provides an overview of “how to plant for climate and aesthetics” to create “a garden that is dynamic in all seasons.”

New York Magazine’s biography of the bartender-turned-politician who rocked Washington and her own political party is based on hundreds of interviews exploring her early life, historic elections and career thus far.

Buying for an avid reader is difficult. Instead of guessing what novel you do and don’t have on your shelf, here’s a book about the pursuit of reading itself: specifically Tolstoy’s most famous tome.

If you’re packing for the first time in a while, Bruce Chatwin’s classic account of his travels through South America is a riveting read that’s slim enough to fit in a carry-on.

Rebecca Solnit’s insightful walking story will appeal to any mother who prefers to leave her car in the garage and engage with the world on foot.

“Celebrity memoirs written by women are often hidden accounts of the challenges of being a working mother or a straight woman who earns more than her male partner.” marcus-sharonprofessor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University, Tell us. “dear girls offers a lot of insights on both fronts.” It’s also a lot of fun.

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This coffee table book to give away offers an overview of Chicago’s career, including reproduced sketchbooks and diaries showing the process behind his greatest works, such as dinner.

The 33 ⅓ book series sees music writers reflect on iconic albums from decades past and recent. This reappraisal of Liz Phair Exile in Guyville will please any Gen-X rock mom.

Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis is as charismatic on the page as she is on screen: Her first memoir will be published on April 26, so it will ship in time for Mother’s Day.

The new Elin Hilderbrand doesn’t come out until June, but the latest from fellow beach-reading expert Mary Kay Andrews will ship before Mother’s Day.

A must-have nightstand for moms who weigh in on how New York has changed over the years.

Journalist Louisa Lim has reported from Hong Kong for decades, and here she presents a history of the city that is both global and personal.

Isabel Allende’s latest novel addresses 100 years of historical events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, seen through the eyes of its main protagonist, born in an unnamed South American country in 1920.

In her debut memoir, MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke takes readers on a personal journey through the personal and political events that inspired her activism.

This unusual sewing project book encourages readers to creatively mend torn and stained clothes. It will appeal to moms who can’t get into fast fashion.

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This book of poetry tells the story of Nguyen’s mother, a motorcyclist who belonged to a group of female stuntmen in Vietnam. It was a finalist for the 2021 National Book Award and comes recommended by Nguyen’s fellow poet Erin Taylor.

The title essay in this 20-year collection of essays by novelist and journalist Rachel Kushner recalls her undeniably cool and rather partying youth: Other topics covered include art, literature, and motorcycle racing.

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