8 Profitable Online Small Business Ideas To Start With As Low As Rs 25,000

Starting a business can seem like a daunting task, especially when capital is limited. Thoughts like inventory management, logistics, marketing, etc. often shake a beginner’s confidence.

Building a successful business is a long journey. However, when the plans are right, there are benefits to the founders, stakeholders, and many others who depend on it for their livelihood.

Today, starting an online business with a small investment is not difficult. SMBHistory has made a list of eight profitable online business ideas, which can be started with a minimum investment of as little as Rs 25,000.

artificial jewelry

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Jewelry never goes out of style and neither does its demand. Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, when most businesses closed, the demand for man-made minimalist jewelry pieces remained.

Setting up an artificial jewelry business is feasible with an investment as low as Rs 25,000. Chinu Kala, Founder of Rubans – a Bangalore-based jewelery brand – says launching a jewelery business is a great idea and suggests Rs 15,000-20,000 can be spent on buying wholesale products.

“There are portals like TradeIndia, where people can connect with good manufacturers to buy jewelry and sell it by setting up an online store,” says Chinu.

He adds that the first customers of the business can also be friends and family who can endorse the products in their circle and encourage them to buy online.

home bakery

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Setting up a basic home baking business doesn’t require a huge investment, but rather a strong intention to bake and a handful of money to acquire an oven and buy baking ingredients.

Mariam Mohuideen, founder of Baker’s Treat, Mangalore, started from a small bakery built by passion. She says that baking is a trade, and to set up a business in this industry, “you have to think outside the box to be successful.”

“There’s no need to build a brand when starting small, but focus on quality and delivering a taste that customers enjoy,” he adds.

A home bakery can be started with an investment of Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000.

homemade candles

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In recent years, people are buying more candles, especially scented candles, to enhance the interiors of their homes and to give as gifts.

One can start a candle business with minimal investment either by doing it at home or purchasing it from a third party.

The raw materials used to start the business include wax, wick, molds, thread, aromatic oils, and more.

In addition, you should also have some candle making equipment, including a crucible, a thermometer, a pouring pot, a scale, a hammer, and a furnace (to melt the wax).

Many beginning candlemakers can start by listing their products on Very small — a one-stop shop for manufacturing arts and crafts for retail to D2C stack in the country.

It has 26 stores across the country including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Panjim, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Shimoga and Delhi.

Bed sheets

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Starting an online bed sheet business is quite inexpensive for founders as the products can be purchased in bulk and cheaper from manufacturers.

Entrepreneurs can connect with manufacturers through Indiamart or you can buy direct from cities like Panipat, Jaipur, Delhi, Surat and Kolkata which are famous for their bed sheets.

Jabalpur-based businesswoman Rekha Sabharwal said she started a bed-sheet business from her home by buying goods from Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar.

He started selling through WhatsApp groups and today runs a successful business selling in and around Jabalpur.


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A papad business can be profitable, due to the small investment required. One can start the business on a micro level by making papad at home or can collaborate with papad makers in Amritsar, Guruvayoor and Bikaner to get started.

Papads come in many varieties from rice papad, urad dal papad, moong dal papad, aalu papad or phool papad, one can select the SKU based on the prevailing demand in the region.

S. Amanpreet Thind, businessman from LudhianaAmritsari’s grandfather started the Amritsari papads business in 1937 with 100 rupees. Today, if one wants to start the business, a minimum investment of Rs 25,000 is enough to get papads and start selling online through social media channels or e-commerce.

disposable cutlery

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From plastic, areca to bamboo spoons, bowls and plates, the disposable cutlery market is in constant demand in India, especially from Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), retailers and customers on various occasions.

Disposable cutlery business is a low investment and high return business as the items purchased are local wholesalers or manufacturers.


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India is a huge market for spices, with high demand coming from all over the country. Previously, we used fresh homemade spices and continue to do so. Many spices such as garam masala, jeera masala, paratha masala, etc. are made at home and there is a constant demand for them.

mother-daughter duo Urmila and Aarti Samant started Masala Tokria Mumbai-based spice brand, which they started selling to their circle of family and friends.

In a span of just over two years, the duo is now aiming to touch the turnover of Rs 1 crore.

The business is profitable and requires a small investment for the acquisition of raw materials.

The masalas are carefully curated by Urmila. Aarti says that her experience running a family business of masala chakkis helped them connect with suppliers of premium raw materials from across the country.


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Whether in men’s, children’s or women’s fashion, buttons always enhanced the elegance of an outfit. Button business requires minimal investment and can be started from home to set up an online store to sell.

From plastic to fabric to steel buttons, there are several categories in this niche that you can select from based on your choice of business.

For sales purposes, creating a local online group on social media channels or messengers can be an initial step. SME entrepreneurs can also set up their personalized online store in a matter of minutes on the MyEasyStore platform.

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