Apple and Shell Stocks Lead 5 Stocks Near Buy Points as Market Rally Strengthens

apple broth, shell (SHEL) and brown brown (BROTHER) are values ​​to be taken into account, along with marriott international (SEA) and juniper nets (JNPR).


Apple (AAPL) and these other stocks are doing well and establishing themselves, as the stock market builds on its recovery. Most of these high-growth stocks are just below buy points after bouncing powerfully off key technical levels. Juniper Networks shares broke on Friday.

Following the recent follow-up days In the S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite, investors could increase exposure by buying the best stocks that passed the appropriate buying points.

in a weekly MarketSmith Chartthe lines of relative force for Apple and Juniper Networks are making new higher highs while stocks are bottoming, indicated by a blue circle at the end of their RS lines. The RS lines for the others are just below the recent highs.

A rising RS line means that a stock is outperforming the S&P 500 Index. It is the blue line on the charts shown.

Stock Market Action – Watch the RS Line

the relative strength line it’s a quick way to spot winners in any market, up or down.

the Relative strength in the new list of high values is a great place to look for quality names with strong RS lines. IBD’s stock research platform MarketSmith has a spotting tool that identifies stocks with RS lines making new highs.

Additionally, the best growth stocks have a Composite Rating of 90 or better, out of the best possible 99. IBD Composite Classification combines fundamental metrics and key techniques into a single, easy-to-use score.

Most of the stocks to watch this week meet that standard. Shell shares lead with a near-perfect compensation rating of 98 out of 99. It is followed by Marriott International with 97 and Apple and Brown & Brown with 94 each. Juniper Networks has a strong compensation rating of 85.

Apple Stock: ‘Monstrous Growth’

The iPhone maker has rallied for the past nine sessions, recovering its 50-day moving average for the first time in about a month. Apple shares crossed an early trend line entry last week and are now approaching 176.75. point of purchase of a double bottom base. AAPL is roughly 2% below traditional entry, following a successful breakout in November.

Apple’s rally came as Wall Street said demand for its latest iPhone 13 remains strong and one analyst predicted a “monstrous growth cycle” for the next year and a half.

Ideally, AAPL would form a mango around here or at least pause for a few days before increasing its potency. Stocks appear poised for a pullback.

The RS line for Apple shares is hitting a new high after rallying for most of the past year, according to MarketSmith Chart Analysis. That’s a strong positive ahead of a potential breakout. That gauge of strength shows a longer-term bullish trend that includes most of 2020, a sign that Apple stock was outperforming amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple shows an IBD Relative Strength Rating 90 out of 99. That means it has outperformed nine out of 10 stocks in the last 12 months.

AAPL shares have a higher value BPA Classification from 95 to 99.

In fiscal 2021, Apple’s earnings per share increased 71% year over year, while sales increased 33%. Wall Street expects AAPL earnings to decline to 10% in 2022 and 7% in 2023, according to FactSet.

The slowdown would come as the tailwinds of the pandemic subside. Early in the coronavirus pandemic, stay-at-home orders fueled demand for laptops and other consumer electronics.

For Apple and stocks in general, rising rates and inflation are a new concern.

Shell Stock: Rising Oil Prices

Shares of the Dutch oil and gas giant also rose in recent trading sessions, retaking the 50-day average. Shell shares have carved out a flat bottom with a buy point of 56.23 and are roughly 1% below entry.

That flat base is slightly above a previous cup base.

Shell’s rally comes as the War between Russia and Ukraine affects energy supply, causing oil and gas prices to skyrocket. Russia is a major oil producer and a key supplier of natural gas to Europe.

Shell initially fell when the war between Russia and Ukraine began, when the energy giant withdrew from Russia’s projects. But after undermining its 50-day line on March 4, SHEL shares have rebounded.

The RS line for Shell shares rose in early 2022 and is not far off the February highs. It shows a longer-term decline and remains far from all-time highs.

Shell gets a top RS rating of 94 and an EPS rating of 84.

In 2021, Shell’s profits rebounded 302% and sales 45% after a severe pandemic hit the previous year. Earnings growth is forecast to slow to a still-strong 58% in 2022, before falling 5% in 2023, though earnings would be well above the 2021 level, FactSet shows.

The oil giant Shell has joined the energy transition. Its electric vehicle charging partners include Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers child (CHILD) and WORLD (I AM GOING TO).

Brown & Brown Stock: Rising Interest Rates

The insurance broker is eyeing a buy point of 70.85 from a flat base dating back to early 2022. Shares of Brown & Brown are down 1% on entry, setting a record close on Friday. The pattern formed around the 50-day moving average, although stocks are now above that key technical level.

BRO shares recovered the 50-day line as the The Fed raised a benchmark interest rate for the first time since 2018 and signaled six more raises to come this year. Rising rates are good for financial services, including sale of insurance products with a fixed return.

The RS line has retraced slightly from the highs of early March and has rebounded solidly last year. It also shows a longer-term uptrend.

The stock has an RS rating of 92 and an EPS rating of 92 as well.

In 2021, Brown & Brown’s earnings increased 31% and revenue increased 17%. Growth is expected to continue in 2022 and 2023, but at a slower pace, FactSet shows.

Marriott International Stock: Travel ‘Reopening the Game’

Shares of the hotel operator are roughly 1% below a buy point of 173.54, trading around previous buy points that are no longer valid.

Marriott shares failed in a February breakout amid The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which affected travel stocks usually.

Now MAR shares have rallied in a V-shape. The current buy point of 173.54 is just above a “handle”, which is technically invalid as there is no proper basis yet. But the short consolidation could be a base in another week.

The RS line rose to a high in February and then fell back. Stay out of those spikes.

Marriott International has an RS rating of 87 and an EPS rating of 78. It’s a “reopening play” as travel and the economy open up even more post-pandemic. MAR shares broke in February as management gave an optimistic outlook for 2022saying new hotel bookings have recovered to pre-omicron levels.

In 2021, Marriott profits recovered 1,672% after the pandemic the previous year. Analysts expect growth to slow to a still-strong 71% in 2022 and 29% in 2023, FactSet said.

Juniper Networks Stock

Shares of the network service provider topped a buying point of 36.13 on Friday, rising 2.4% to 36.52. Juniper shares cleared an early entry the week before. On a weekly chart, the RS line peaked as JNPR shares briefly broke out, a bullish sign.

Juniper Networks has an RS rating of 92 but an EPS rating of 52.

In 2021, Juniper’s earnings per share rebounded 12% after taking a hit the year before. Analysts expect Juniper’s earnings to grow a further 14% in both 2022 and 2023, says FactSet.

Although it is not booming, it is not bad. And JNPR stock has a P/E ratio of just 20. In a rising rate environment, high PE stocks are more vulnerable.

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