How an Instagram reel put this woman entrepreneur’s business on the map

The internet is known for its volatile nature and the fact that absolutely anything can happen, and new age businesses are taking full advantage of it.

An example of this is GarmentKnot your typeGarmenta Instagrampersonalized gift business that was born, gaining around 75,000 followers within two weeks of one of its reels going viral, garnering over 19 million views.

By May 2021, all of his reels had crossed a combined view count of over two million rupees, and now more than a lakh people follow him on Instagram.

behind the scenes is akshatha jaina Pune-based housewife who is tirelessly creating these trendy reels, reaping success.

“I started this just to nurture my skills as an artist instead of staying home. From thinking about doing 10-15 orders per month to use my time wisely, I am now working on 200 orders per month,” she says. His storyand added that the reel changed his plans and his path to run a registered business.

(A product of Knot Your Type)

The beginning

Akshata always enjoyed arts and crafts and loved making handmade gifts for others rather than buying them. Self-taught through resources on Google and YouTube, her skills in furoshikia Japanese art of wrapping gifts with cloth, hand lettering and handmade cards are famous among your friends and family.

An MBA graduate, Akshata also completed a one-year diploma in fashion design and developed a love of embroidery. Knot Your Type started as a passion project to do all things embroidery.

When a friend was getting married during the pandemic, Akshata selected a gift by designing a custom embroidery hoop and posting a spool that exploded. Within a week, he received a hundred orders, all personalized, and had to pause accepting orders to deliver them on time.

In one year of operation, Knot Your Type completed around 1,500 orders, 20 percent of which were international orders.

From being a one-woman army managing everything from social media to crafting products and tracking orders, Akshata now has a team of 10 women, whom she has trained in embroidery and hand lettering. right from the start.

Akshata also moved her business from her home to a studio space, eventually creating a website to make order tracking easier.

“It was difficult to manually track each order from direct messages and sometimes there were spelling errors, but that’s fixed now.”

With a team in place, the lead time from the time an order is placed has been more than halved, from 60 days to 20-25 days.

Team Knot your type

Leveraging the Gift Industry

Starting and maintaining the business during the pandemic was challenging. Akshata and her team had to switch between working from the studio and her home several times due to lockdowns in recent years.

“The lack of space and raw materials at home was a challenge. And most of the products weren’t immediately available for delivery either,” he says.

However, it started with initial investment of just Rs 10,000Knot Your Type has been profitable since day one, and the entrepreneur claims to have registered Rs 50 lakh in income. Best known for their wedding bands, Akshata aims to branch out into other product ranges such as bags, dog tags and anything customizable with embroidery like USPs.

As disposable income rises in most middle-income households in India, the gift market, valued at $119 million in 2019, is expected to reach $159 million by 2025, according to TechSci Research.

Akshata may have started Knot Your Type as a hobby, but now she hopes to build a strong personalized gift business.

To anyone considering starting a business, she advises: “Just start it and do it with 100 percent of your heart and one day you will succeed. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta
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