IARFC publishes the Spring 2022 issue of its Journal of Personal Finance

The Spring 2022 issue of the Journal of Personal Finance (JPF) is now available from the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC®). The techniques, strategies, and research contained in this academic journal are intended to support financial education, whether it is directed at consumers, educators, or professional financial consultants.

MIDDLE CITY, Ohio, March 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — JPF Publisher, craig lemoinePh.D., MRFC® CFP®, is the Director of the Financial Planning Program at the University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. With an educational background dating back to 2003, Dr. Lemoine has a deep understanding of examination and evaluation in financial planning. He has been a member of the CFP® Board Examinations Council since 2010, has been a Professor of Financial Planning at American College, and is currently Director of the MRFC Certification Board.

“This spring problem showcases in-depth insights into personal finance, financial planning, and risk management,” explains the magazine’s editor, Dr. craig lemoine, MRFC®. “I am proud to present seven innovative and diverse articles that study crowdfunding, risk aversion, wealth accumulation, hedge fund performance versus simple investment strategies, financial literacy that shapes investment decisions, investment, gender differences in the use of loans for education and the relationship between emotions and financial interests. time horizons. The topics of consumer behavior, investment, and risk choices run deep in our current edition.”

The following seven articles are included in the 2022 edition, Volume 21, Number 1

  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: The Hidden Complications of Donation-Based Crowdfunding

  • An assessment of the consistency of estimates of financial risk aversion

  • The Impact of Financial Advisors on the Later Wealth of Older Adults

  • No hedge funds, no crying

  • Financial knowledge and the relationship to the use of professional investment advice and the granting of commercial discretion

  • Gender differences in the use of educational loans among single Americans

  • The relationship between emotions and financial time horizons

“The IARFC continues to publish relevant and educational academic research on a consistent basis, year after year through the Journal of Personal Finance,” he says. Chairman of the IARFC Trustee, H. Stephen BaileyPhD, MRFC®. “I see this as the perfect complement to our practice-oriented quarterly publication, The Registry. Together, these two provide our consultants with the latest information for their continuing education, thereby enhancing their service to clients. Thanks to Dr. Lemoine for its editorial guide that contributes to an excellent academic representation of our Association”.

Started in 2002, the Journal of Personal Finance has grown in scope, acceptance, and recognition among professionals and academics. The JPF welcomes articles from practicing financial professionals and consultants on financial products and services, customer relations, retirement planning, long-term care, practice management, and business operating efficiencies.

For IARFC members, the JPF is a benefit and a source of continuing education credits. Members can take the CE quizzes online from the IARFC Journal of Personal Finance. Two IARFC CE units will be awarded to members who achieve a score of 70% or higher per test.

To request a print or electronic version of the Journal of Personal Finance, learn more, or review article submission guidelines, go to http://www.iarfc.org or contact the publisher. Sign up to take the CE quiz at IARFC Store.

Media contact

susan hoodIARFC, 513 424 1589, susan@iarfc.org


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