Jihan Roberts talks about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial legacy

Jihan Roberts is dedicated to exploring new ventures through which she can showcase her combined skills as an entrepreneur and a creative. The stylist and fashion entrepreneur has decided to broaden her profile, trying her hand at nightlife with a buzzing new venue on the corner of Belle Smythe Street and Ariapita Avenue.

Named after his grandparents’ Laventille house, 36 EDR Bar and Lounge opened its doors last month.

“My grandparents’ house was always like a refuge,” Roberts recalled. “Most of my best childhood memories come from there. [It’s] where my personality was formed.”

Although Roberts’ grandparents are now deceased, she expressed how important it was for her to honor the “integral role” they played in her becoming the woman she has become since their passing nearly a decade ago.

She described the décor of the venue as “chic and trendy,” a direct reflection of her interests and work in fashion, which she referred to as her “first love.”

The UTT Fashion Management graduate is also a sought-after fashion merchant, personal shopper and stylist, and former managing director of Port of Spain shoe store Fashion IS.

“I’ve always wanted to open a bar and lounge where people in their 30s can come and sit in a trendy, stylish place with great food, relaxation and atmosphere,” Roberts said, commenting on how the other places in the are more bars than places. where customers can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. “We are far from the noise, [toward] the end of the avenue.

Opening just in time for Carnival weekend, Roberts spoke of the “incredible” response early on. However, she addressed the risks she knowingly took by opening a liming site at a time when restrictions on public gatherings were strictly enforced.

“I was hoping the country wouldn’t shut down again,” he said. “Here I am, opening a bar of all things; so that the regulations [become] strict [again]It would have been a catastrophe.”

With the increase in vaccinations and the impact of restrictions, the figures in the last month have shown signs of improvement. The recent decision to drop the safe zone concept in light of the brighter numbers bodes well for the future and overall reputation of the place, putting to rest your initial concerns.

Roberts’ hopes that 36 EDR Lounge would draw a millennial crowd have only been partially realized, due to the avid group of Gen Z patrons who also help fill the place.

This is his son, Issa Smith, and Roberts isn’t upset about it. In fact, he has decided to ensure that he is heavily involved in running the establishment as a way for him to receive practical training in business management.

“Any business I get involved in is for my son,” he said, “I’m not doing [the bar] For me, I’m doing it for him.”

Jihan Roberts and her son, Issa Smith

He added that Smith “learning the ropes of the business” would be to his long-term benefit, serving to supplement his recently completed college studies by giving him real-world experience he may not have been able to gain in a classroom setting.

Roberts said he even lets her handle things on her own at times, reporting that “everything is going great so far.”

“Doing business with your son is a work in progress,” he explained. “At that age, they think they know everything.” Although she joked about some days that “tested my patience,” Ella Roberts said that, overall, it has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience working alongside the young man she was proud to have raised.

He spoke about the importance of Black parents creating and leaving a legacy for their children, especially in business, something that many are unable to do due to the need to prioritize survival.

“As a parent, you always want to build [so that] each generation can be better. My parents couldn’t do that for me,” she said, explaining that although her family struggled financially when she was younger, her parents were still able to give her and her siblings the tools and opportunities to launch into a successful adult life. she lives.

“We’re breaking generational stereotypes,” Roberts said. She said that despite the stigma and stereotypes associated with Laventille, she was raised in such a way that what she was exposed to and what she learned did not fuel those beliefs.

The company tagline, “History, Heritage, Happiness,” reflects Roberts’ ideals of legacy and leaving something for children to inherit.

“I want to have [Issa] started… to give him an advantage,” he said. “I want to make sure that if I close my eyes today, he has something to build on.”

She hopes to expand 36 EDR Lounge into a daytime venue, to host luncheons and open mic nights for musicians and spoken word artists, while maintaining its current appeal.

“It can’t be everything to everyone,” Roberts said, “but so far, I’m happy with the direction.”

Look for information on next Sunday’s brunch event, Safari Chic, and check out Room 36 EDR on Instagram for information on events and special occasions.

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