Marc Chaikin Market Warning Event 2022: Power Gauge Investor Live

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Marc Chaikin Market Warning Event 2022: Power Gauge Investor Live

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New York, NY, March 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On March 30, the man CNBC’s Jim Cramer once said he would never bet against is issuing a dire warning. If he has money in the US stock market, he won’t want to miss Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 event.

Tune in on Wednesday, March 30 at 8 pm ET. for Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 event when Marc will share his methods for pinpointing exactly where the next wave of stock declines is heading and the exact tickers likely to take the most damage. In fact, he’s giving away two stocks and their tickers for FREE at his event: his top recommendation to buy now and his top recommendation to sell immediately.

Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 event: what is it about?

2022 has marked the worst start to the year for stocks in history. Worse than the year of the Great Depression (1929) and the Great Recession (2009).

And as millions of Americans brace for an epic crash…

A 50-year veteran of Wall Street steps forward for the first time this year to share a critical stock warning that could guard your wealth in the next 90 days.

His name is Marc Chaikin.

Throughout his storied career, he helped create Wall Street’s system for tracking and picking stocks. His work appears on EVERY Bloomberg and Reuters terminal around the world.

And on March 30, Marc will release what he says will be the biggest market prediction of his career to date.

He says:

“It doesn’t matter if you have money in the markets right now…or are waiting on the sidelines…

The brief period we are now entering has the power to make and destroy fortunes.

Mark my words: what you do in the next 90 days could determine your financial bottom line for the next decade.”

Of course, Marc has sailed nine bear markets.

but he says 90 day market reorganization he is revealing on March 30 is different.

It will be devastating for many… but it will also open up a huge opportunity for the few who understand what is coming… and can position themselves now.

Again, it all starts on March 30 when Marc first reveals exactly what you need to do to prepare for the big change ahead…

exactly what to do to buy right now… and exactly what to sell…

Including TWO stock recommendations you are giving away for FREE.

The ONLY place you can see what Marc is predicting, and get these free recommendations, is during his Market Warning 2022 online event on Wednesday, March 30.

Please click here for more details.

While Marc’s background and Wall Street stories are incredibly impressive…what’s perhaps even more incredible is what he’s built.

Is your key to spotting major crashes, and victories, before They pass.

In fact, if I had followed Marc’s system last year, I would have knocked him out of EVERY worst-performing tech stock of 2021.

That’s why you can’t miss what Marc says next… and how you should position yourself right away.

What will you learn by attending Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 event?

MarcChaikin will reveal his battle plan for the next 90 days for the first time on March 30.

Just for attending you will get:

  • The truth about what is Really what’s happening in the US stock market, and the strange market event that’s causing some stocks to crash…and others to skyrocket…

  • The worst #1 stocks you could own right now…

  • A stock Marc says you should buy instead. (He is giving away the name and the ticker, 100% free) …

  • Marc’s secret to predicting massive market swings (This might have given you an early warning about the 2001 dot-com crash…the 2008 Great Recession…and the brutal tech sell-off we’ve seen since the beginning) of 2022)…

  • The precise corner of the market where Marc says a wave of stock declines is heading next…

How to register for Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 event?

To gain access to Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 event, all you have to do is enter your email here.

When you sign up right now, you’ll receive access to a private website that Marc’s team has just launched. It details how he can start preparing for his March 30 event right away…

This is what you can find there:

Daily Series: Marc Chaikin’s Bearish Stocks of the Day

In the days leading up to the event, Marc will post five stock announcements in real time. His recommendation: He avoids these stocks at all costs. This is time-sensitive and actionable information that is exclusively for event registrants. Marc’s first bear action of the day falls on 3/25.

Marc Chaikin Power Measurement System

A quick introduction, and a way to try this system out for yourself! In just two steps, you can view any stock like a Wall Street broker would:

Step 1: Learn the secrets behind Marc’s system

Marc’s team lifts the hood to reveal the secrets behind Marc’s Power Gauge system…how it unlocks what makes money and clearly shows what doesn’t. No instinctive control to do… no wrong “gut” decisions needed. It’s like his secret roadmap of where to move in the markets…the map he’s never had before, but he’s always needed.

Step 2: Take the power gauge for a test drive!

Until the day of the event (March 30), Marc will give you FREE access to his real-time stock rating tool, a feature of the Power Gauge. He types in any stock and he sees predictions, information, and buy/hold/sell recommendations that, until now, only Wall Street and a few others had in their sights.

Who is Marc Chaikin?

Marc Chaikin spent 50 years on Wall Street helping banks make money.

He is the creator of one of the most popular indicators used by many banks, hedge funds, and all major brokerage sites.

He survived 9 bear markets and helped create three new Nasdaq indices. After a long and successful career, he retired in 2000.

Marc came back to launch Chaikin Analytics after his wife lost about 50% of her 401(K) due to poor money management.

About Chaikin Analytics

After fifty years on Wall Street, stock market expert marc chaikinwhose technical indicators are industry standards, has introduced a suite of innovative stock tools to provide a directional edge for stock market enthusiasts.

Chaikin AnalysisLaunched in March 2011, it is a suite of stock research tools and portfolio monitoring services that help pick winning stocks and weed losing stocks ahead of market changes.

Chaikin Power Gauge Rating is the centerpiece of Chaikin Analytics: it’s a remarkably accurate indicator of where a stock is headed in the next 3-6 months.

Contact: Chaikin Analytics


Mailing Address: 201 King of Prussia Rd. Suite 650, Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087

Conclusion: Should You Join Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 Event?

Marc Chaikin’s Market Warning 2022 event is where a living Wall Street legend is about to make the biggest prediction of his 50-year career. It’s all centered around a massive shakeup that could devastate anyone with exposure to US equities today. We think you’ll want to see this right away…

After the worst start to the year ever seen in the history of the S&P 500…

Volatility is back with a vengeance.

And most working Americans worry that a big stock event is just around the corner.

If you are one of them, I am here to tell you… your suspicions are correct:

Something big is brewing within the financial system of our country.

But thanks to Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin, you won’t be surprised.

Marc is one of the most respected financial analysts in the world… with over 500,000 people using his work to decide what to do with their money.

Over the past 50 years, Marc created the system that actually says Wall Street insiders which stocks to buy…and which ones to avoid at all costs.

And now he’s turning it to YOUR advantage.

This is how he predicted the crack of 2020… and at the perfect time for the red-hot stock market rally that followed.

It’s also how their system predicted the recent collapse of Peloton, Zillow and DraftKings.

But your urgent stock notice on March 30 will be radically different.

The market shake-up that will define the next 90 days could determine who gets to keep what they made in the decade-long bull run…

and who can lose years of hard earned money.

According to Marc:

“March 30 will mark the most important day of the year for you and your money…

In fact, the actions you take that day could easily affect your wealth for the next decade or more.”

That’s why it’s moving up to March 30th to show you exactly what you need to do RIGHT NOW to prepare for the massive market shift ahead.

Please click here for more details.

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