‘The era of rapid trade has arrived in India’: 25 quotes about the business opportunity in India

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The base of the Indian student population is constantly growing. The future of student housing will be driven by technology and building a strong community. – Ajay Gupta, Capital Foods

India’s burgeoning edtech market, which saw multiple startups and increased funding during the pandemic, is expecting further momentum from growth in the higher education and lifelong learning segments. – Abhishek Gupta, Red Seer

Tablets are a big opportunity in India. If you look at education alone, there are 25 crore of students. – Ajai Chowdhry, HCL

The Engineering, Telecommunications and Health sectors are on the brink of an Industry 4.0 transformation. There is a shift from a central industrial control system to one where smart products and processes are at the core of its operations. – Sunil C, TeamLease

When each and every Indian is vowel for locals, The local soon becomes global. – PM mode

The finance teams of most of the world’s large or medium-sized companies are not comfortable transfer money in an Indian bank account. – Dhruvil Sanghvi, LogiNext

The future health personnel of India needs a futuristic training methodology and alignment between visionary entities for rapid scale-up. – Sabarish Chandrasekaran, MedisimVR

The time has come for ready-to-drink cocktails to take the Indian market by storm, and we love the product and brand that Nitesh and the team are creating. – Kushal Bhagia, FirstCheque

Street foods have a broader appeal compared to burgers, pizzas, or momos, but still no big brand or chain is trying to elevate them into an organized segment. – Gaurav Gupta, MOPP Foods

India is among the top three seafood producing countries and yet the sector is largely unorganized. – Nilesh Kothari, Capital Trifecta

Despite a dramatic increase in internet use in India, a large number of artisans, local vendors and retailers are still unaware of online business models or find it difficult to conduct business through digital means. – Prateek B. Singh, ShoppingKart24

However, infrastructure development and support for folk artists has not approached the scale needed to reach broader national or international markets. – Sonya Mazumdar, EarthSync

The discourse has now changed from welfare or unemployment to making women really count as active participants in the growth of the nation, and not just for their family. – Rashmi Singh, NIC

The growing demand for qualified talent in the banking and finance industry (BFSI) today is clearer than ever, and we expect these numbers to grow even more given the great innovations in the space. – Sekhar Garisa, Monster.com

The quality of founders is even improving because they are coming back as founders for the second time. – Sarita Raichura, Blume Ventures

Reconditioned two-wheelers with manufacturer-like warranties are the entry point to personal mobility at the best value for money. – Hemir Doshi, Beep Kart

The battery change has become the catalyst that will catapult electric vehicles into the popular category. – Varun Goenka, charging

Improving good transportation is very critical in a country where many mechanisms and regulations are being implemented to reduce the number of accidents. – Venkat Nathan, Nesh LIVE

Supply Chain Visibility (SCV) is a critical but neglected issue faced by Indian companies and fleet owners. – Dinesh Agarwal, India MART

There is immense potential for social impact in the waste management and sanitation In India, however, there are glaring gaps in terms of financial support and personalized professional mentoring that emerge as obstacles. – Mohammad Azhar, Villgro

There is a great need to reduce the use of materials that take longer to decompose, and cause enormous damage to the planet and its creatures. – Shivani Singh, Peepal Farm Products

We essentially ride on this wave of explosions retail investor turnout right now in India, which is mostly due to young millennials and Gen Z. – Smriti Take, Pila

In the age of doing business, much must be done to improve the nation’s condition. real estate, which is a key factor for the economy. – Dhaval Ajmera, Ajmera Group

With all the progress we’ve made, electronic commerce it is still below 10 percent in India. This implies that there is an entire ecosystem that is neglected. – Sujith Nair, Beckn Foundation

The era of quick trade has arrived in India and we are witnessing it in the food and grocery category. – Anshul Goenka, Quick Change

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