The most important rule of personal finance is…

A recent newsletter from Carrick on Money on teach kids about money prompted a reader to share his experience with his own children, complete with photographic documentation.

Years ago, the Globe published a financial education series in the newspaper that included advice on how to live below your means. “I cut out this simple message from the Globe and Mail and taped it to the back of the bathroom door,” Jennifer Hicks said via email. “My kids (and their friends), all then teenagers, couldn’t help but watch it over and over and over and over again. Here’s hoping the message sticks.”

Jennifer Hicks taped a tip from a Globe financial education series to the back of her bathroom door.Jennifer Hicks/Handout

I was the one who chose the idea of ​​living below your means as the number one rule of personal finance. My reasoning: Spending less than you earn is the discipline from which all other good habits flow, including saving and investing.

How does Mrs. Hicks rate the effectiveness of her efforts to teach her children? “I would say that everyone has really internalized the idea that you don’t spend more than you have.”

Success, in other words.

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Q: I have two different registered education savings plans for my child. He doesn’t want to go to college or university.

TO: Here is some information about your options, including plan closure. But I wouldn’t rush to a decision. RESPs can remain open for up to 36 years. Also, the list of eligible for RESP Educational institutions include many non-university or college schools that focus on areas such as the arts, aesthetics, transportation, technology, and more.

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