These are the biggest gains in the FTSE 100 in the last 12 months

These are the biggest gains in the FTSE 100 in the last 12 months

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The FTSE 100 has fallen since the beginning of the year. Despite this, the stock index is still 12% higher than a year ago.

But how have the individual members of the FTSE 100 performed in the last 12 months? We’ll see.

Which FTSE 100 stocks have risen the most in the last 12 months?

According to Hargreaves Lansdownthese are the 10 FTSE100 Stocks that have enjoyed the biggest gains in the last 12 months:

CompanySectorIncrease in 12 months
Airtel Africa plctelecommunications91.98%
glencore plccommodity trading79.87%
meggitt plcAerospace61.12%
BAE systemsAerospace49.79%
Shell plcpetroleum gas42.22%
segro plcProperty39.06%
AstraZeneca plcPharmacist37.95%
National NetworkUtilities29.88%
BP pl.c.petroleum gas29.07%

Let’s take a closer look at the performances of the top three.

1. Airtel Africa plc

Airtel Africa He is bigger FTSE100 increase in the last 12 months. The telecommunications multinational has seen its share price rise 91% compared to a year ago.

It is worth knowing that Airtel’s share price also increased by approximately 100% between March 2020 and March 2021. However, since the current year change, the company’s price is down 0.72% .

2. Glencore plc

The second largest increase in the last 12 months is the commodity trading company. glencore. Its share price is now 79% higher than it was a year ago.

Glencore’s strong performance has clearly been driven by higher commodity prices over the past year thanks to a surge in global demand.

3. Meggitt plc

Meggitt it is the third tallest elevator. The Coventry-based aerospace company has seen its share price rise 61% in the past 12 months, partly due to a takeover bid by US rival Parker Hannifin late last year.

However, the planned £6.3bn takeover has yet to come to fruition. This is because the Competition and Markets Authority is currently assessing possible “national security concerns” that may result from any merger.

Which FTSE 100 stocks have fallen the most?

The last 12 months have not been easy for all members of the FTSE 100. Here is a list of the ten stocks that have fallen the most since March 2021:

CompanySectorFall of more than 12 months
Ocado Group plcGrocery Retail-46.33%
flutter entertainmentPlay-46.15%
ITV plcMedia-34.84%
Hargreaves Lansdown plcFinancial services-31.97%
barratt developments plcProperty-31.26%
prudential plcSure-30.35%
International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A.Airline-30.33%
Coca-Cola HBC AGfood and drink-29.99%
abron plc

Financial services

royal mail plcPostal Service-28.64%

What can we learn from this data?

It can be interesting to see how individual stocks in the FTSE 100 have performed over the past 12 months, especially when compared to the collective performance of the index.

It can also be interesting to see which sectors have done well over the last year and which have struggled.

For example, looking at the data, we can see that the aerospace and energy industries have performed strongly since March 2021. In contrast, the financial services sector has not performed well.

Despite these trends, it is important to note that the past performance of a particular stock does not provide a reliable indicator of its future performance. Any experienced trader will tell you that this is rule number one for investing.

In other words, it’s important not to base your investment choices solely on past ups and downs. Instead, it’s best to do your own research if you want to invest in individual stocks.

If you prefer not to invest in individual FTSE 100 shares, you can easily gain exposure to the collective performance of the FTSE 100 by buying a suitable index tracker fund. Check out Motley Fool’s top rated stock trading accounts if this is something you like.

Investing Caution: As with any type of investment, remember that the value of your portfolio can go down as well as up. If you are a newbie, please take the time to read our basic investment guide before diving.

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