This 26-Year-Old Turned Her Side Job Into A $170,000-Per-Year Business: ‘Here’s My Best Advice’

In 2020, at the age of 24, I quit my job as an engineer to focus on my the hustle and bustle side of travel blogs. That turned out to be the best career decision I’ve ever made.

My blog, light packagesgenerated more than $170,000 in gross revenue last year, thanks to sponsored social media posts, blog articles, and B2B marketing inquiries.

But my success was not easy. When Packs Light started, it was just a hobby, and I had no idea how to create content that would increase readership and attract customers. I had to find mentors, ask questions, and accept failure.

The good news is that I can now give advice to people who want to turn their side job into a profitable full-time business. While you may not be able to anticipate every single thing that will happen on your journey, knowing the obstacles you will inevitably face can help you stay motivated and mentally prepared.

Here are four things I wish I had known sooner:

1. Early on, you’ll take on roles you didn’t even know existed

2. Invest in building a team

Once your business starts to grow rapidly, don’t operate with the mindset of trying to do everything yourself. Plan ahead and strategize how you will build your team.

Today I have a personal assistant, a blog manager, a management agency, and a whole bunch of contractors. But I wish I had known sooner that growing a team is a key ingredient in creating a sustainable business and work environment.

On “the big jump“Psychologist Gay Hendricks says there are four work zones:

  • The zone of incompetencewhere you’re doing things you’re not good at and therefore wasting your time.
  • The Competition Zone, where you are doing the work, but no better than the next person.
  • The Zone of Excellence, where you’re doing things you enjoy and are better at than most people.
  • The Zone of Genius, where you’re doing things that you’re intuitively amazing at and that only you can do.

Time is the most precious resource. And Hendricks says that to see the best business results, entrepreneurs should spend as much time as possible in The Zone of Genius. Growing a team as quickly as possible allows you to outsource the work you’re not good at and focus on the tasks you excel at.

3. Not everyone will be happy for you

4. Don’t let money be your main drive

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