This new Princess Diana book reveals how ‘in the know’ the teenage Prince William was in his mother’s affairs

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Since we know the legacy and impact of Princess DianaWe have been fully aware how close he was to his children, prince william and Prince Harry. The late Princess of Wales’s affection for her children and her parenting style is well documented in photographs, and many royal witnesses have shared intimate anecdotes about Diana’s unbreakable bond with her children. But an upcoming new revelation about the House of Windsor reveals that, when he was a teenager, Prince William was privy to Princess Diana’s affairs.

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In an excerpt, published by vanity fairfrom the upcoming account by royal biographer Tina Brown The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor: The Truth and the Turmoimethe author recalls how William was “well aware of [Princess Diana’s] volatile love life. He knew the tabloids made his life hell, but he also knew that she colluded with them. In his teens, he was her mother’s most trusted confidant. She used to describe him as ‘my wise old man’”.

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However, there was a conversation the mother-son couple had, according to the book, which laid bare virtually every single question William had for his mother. “Then Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan describes in his diary a startlingly revealing background lunch with Diana and 13-year-old William at Kensington Palace in 1996 at which, he says, the princess allowed him to ask ‘ literally anything. Brown describes in the palace papers. Even at a young age, William “seemed completely up to date on all the tabloid rumors about his mistresses. “He’s clearly aware of most of the strange world of his and, in particular, the various men who come into it from time to time,” Morgan noted, amazed.

The book, according to the Vanity Fair excerpt, goes on to reveal that William may have even met one of the men Princess Diana was dating in the mid-’90s. But what this latest anecdote really tells us is how much Diana confided in William during a very difficult time in her life.. This chapter surely shaped how William viewed the media and surely transformed his relationship with his mother, at a time when she probably felt isolated. We could never imagine being in the position of William or Diana, for a number of reasons, but this latest story illustrating her bond and how Diana sought honesty and support from her eldest son definitely surprised us.

The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor: The Truth and the Confusion by Tina Brown

Image: Corona - Credit: Corona.

Image: Corona – Credit: Corona.


Even as casual observers of the British royal family, there’s still a lot we don’t know about what goes on in the House of Windsor. 2022 is set to be a memorable year for the royal family. But with record highs come lows and pitfalls. Royal biographer Tina Brown takes readers from the turbulent years following Princess Diana’s death to the rift between Princes William and Harry, the Prince Andrew scandals, and Queen Elizabeth’s steadfast determination to get through it all in The Palace Newspaper: Inside the House of Windsor: The Truth and the Turmoime. Brown’s book introduces new and intimate details about the royal family and sees the House of Windsor enter a new era.

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