What companies are being attacked by Anonymous? See your answers

In addition to Russian entities, Anonymous says it is now targeting some Western companies.

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The “hacktivist” collective known as Anonymous said it has a new target in its “cyber war” against Russia — Western businesses that are still doing business there.

A post on March 21 From a Twitter account called @YourAnonTV he declared: “We call on all companies that continue to operate in Russia by paying taxes to the budget of the criminal Kremlin regime: Withdraw from Russia!”

The tweet, which has received more than 23,000 likes, gave companies 48 hours to comply.

The threat, which later repeated on other Anonymous-affiliated Twitter accountsincluded a photo with the logos of some 40 companies, including household names like Burger King, Subway and General Mills.

The account later tagged more businesses in the post, apparently warning them that they, too, could be targeted soon.

Wrongly targeted?

Three target oilfield service companies: halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger — had also already aired announcements about its Russian business operations. The statements continued a Washington Post article which implored readers to stop investing in companies seen as “financing Putin’s war”.

Intentional or ‘fog of war?’

A second batch of target companies

Many companies that received “Fs” on the Yale List appeared on a second anonymous Twitter post published on March 24. This post focused on a new, seemingly updated list of companies that included Emirates airline, French garden retailer Leroy Merlin, and essential oils company Young Living.

Several companies caught in Anonymous’s crosshairs soon announced that they were cutting ties with Russia, including the Canadian oil services company. Calfrac Well Services and manufacturer of medical devices Geberit Group – the latter includes hashtags for Anonymous and Yale in its Twitter announcement.

French sporting goods company Decathlon this week it announced it would also close stores in Russia. But Anonymous had already taken credit for shutting down its Russian website, along with the sites of Leroy Merlin and the French supermarket company Auchan.

Jeremiah Fowler, co-founder of cybersecurity firm Security Discovery, said his investigation determined that Anonymous also successfully hacked into a database belonging to Leroy Merlin.

“I am absolutely sure [Anonymous] I found it,” he said, saying the collective left messages and references within the data.

Anonymous also claimed last week that hacked into a database of another target company, the Swiss food and beverage corporation Nestlé. However, Nestle told CNBC that these claims were “baseless.” website design and technology gizmodo reported that Nestlé said it accidentally leaked its own information in February.

Nestlé has since announced is reducing its operations in Russia, but the measures were rejected as insufficient by at least one anonymous online account.

Other forces at play

After being attacked by Anonymous, the French car manufacturer Renault announced that it was suspending activities at a Moscow manufacturing plant. However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy publicly singled out Renault, as well as Nestle, during televised speeches to European governments and citizens.

A spokesperson for the Renault company told CNBC that their decision had nothing to do with Anonymous.

Other companies have made moral arguments for continuing to operate in Russia. auchan, in a press release issued this weekhe said the Russians “bear no personal responsibility for the outbreak of this war. Abandoning our employees, their families and our customers is not the choice we have made.”

Another complication: Franchises

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